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What is frugal? 

Frugal: sparing, thrifty, economical, careful in the use of one’s money or resources, prudent and unwasteful.

What is frugal aromatherapy? 

Frugal aromatherapy is the practical way to use essential oils without wasting them. 

Why is it important?

Essential oil excess in use and marketing, has created an atmosphere of waste, costing the consumer unnecessary money while depleting nature of its medicinal and aromatic plants.​​

Once these precious botanicals are gone, every living thing on earth will suffer the devastation of their loss.

We must be frugal and mindful of the value of essential oils and the plants that they come from.

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)
plant growing in the wild. 
"Frugal Aromatherapy is a mindset, supporting sustainability of aromatic plants by embracing wise and unwasteful use of
essential oils."​
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Aromatherapy has become a massive industry, one that must adopt a conservationist point of view regarding the over production of aromatic products. In our efforts to live a healthier “natural” lifestyle, we have embarked on a destructive cycle of over-use, over-selling and over-harvesting of our natural resources. 
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